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Is all about sharing experiences, stories and practical information about places to inspire and help you to get the most out of your travels. We strive to combine the best the internet has to offer with our own experience and the tips we receive from others to give you the most practical and complete information about an activity.

The story behind

"Do you want to go to Thailand with me?"

The story once started with this question asked by a good friend in spring 2014. Back then I never expected to get addicted to traveling and neither could I have imagined how much exploring the world would bring me… 

In hindsight I am incredibly happy I said yes, as it really changed the course of my life in a fundamental way. Not only was it the beginning of a new passion, but I also met my ex-partner that summer during a Muay Thai training in Pai. With traveling and sport as a shared passion, both boxing, and traveling, remained key elements in my life ever after. 

In only 8 years I had the chance to visit Thailand, Cambodia. The Philippines, Taiwan, China, Peru, Ecuador, the Galapagos (impresive enough to name seperately), Mexico and Guatemala. 

I also had the chance to discover parts of Europe and also rediscovered the Netherlands as a “Tourist in eigen land” (tourist in my own country) by showing our international friends my beloved country.

And even though it is not always possible to avoid touristic places – there is a reason many people visit a certain place – we always seem to find a way to do things just a little different. It’s for that reason that we sometimes found ourselves in situations with little information available, that are therefore slightly uncomfortable but also incredibly exciting and adventurous. 

It was at moments like that I thought, we should share this such that others can have the same experience. And that is how the idea of this website was born: helping other travelers to get the very most out of their travels, budget ánd timewise. Such that, after returning home, one will be able to say: “this was Travels Well Spent.”

View Sunny Machu Picchu

Travel Style

Jungle Iquitos Peru Trees Plants Green
Jungle tour, Iquitos Peru

Low budget

"You don't have to be rich to travel well" and more precisely, we believe that by traveling on a smaller budget you are challenged to be more creative.


As great sports​ fanatics, we love combining our two passions by incorporating a great deal of exercise in our travel plans.


Traveling is a privilege, and we therefore actively try to avoid the ​exploitation of people, nature, ​and animals in creating our travel plans.


The fact that not many people have undertaken a plan, makes it only more of a challenge. Sometimes uncomfortable, it makes for the best experiences.

What we like

Practical and Graphic
After many years of traveling, we know exactly what we look for online when planning our trips. That is, clear, to-the-point information with good graphics. That’s how we like our posts.

Directly to Google Maps 
Every location in our posts is actually a hyperlink to a location in google maps. No copy-pasting needed, you are immediately brought to the place in a new screen. 

Headers and Highlights in Bold
Sometimes you only need a certain type of information. To ease reading and scanning, all posts are divided by headers and you will recognize the signature orange, bold texts in all our posts.