Jungle Tour Iquitos – Packing List

What to pack for your Iquitos Jungle trip​

The advantage of an arranged jungle tour is of course that the majority of the equipment is brought for you. This list is based on a tour, the one with Wilder to be more specific, where you will sleep in tents and not in a cottage. Depending on your own tour, the list might therefore differ slightly.


Item (price if at Belen market)

Our Experience

Brought for you


The classic 2/3 people tents with mosquito nets. Unfortunately, our tent had some holes in it. This problem was easily solved with some sports tape.


Sleeping mats

Beware, these are very thin so be prepared to sleep on hard ground.



Basic plaids, not needed in September if you have a mummy bag (so you can lay on it and create more comfort)


Rubber boots

You will be provided with rubber boots to protect you from snakes. Furthermore, if you would only see the state of those boots in the end of 4 days, you are happy they are not yours.



The crew will bring plenty of big bottles of 20 liters and some cups to drink from.



In case of the tour with Wilder, these meals three times a day were truly delicious, filling and nutritious.


Lose, long sleeve shirts (25 soles)

Even though you will be very warm, you will want to wear long sleeves because of all the insects We found awesome fake Nike and Adidas shirts at Belen Market


Lose, long pants

The insects and flies will thing where fabric is tight on your skin. So leave your running tights at home and bring some lose pants


Rain coat (21-25 soles)

Fortunately, we did not have rain. But if you have you really need a coat. You can go for classic green, or awesome yellow.


Long Socks (3-8 soles)

No shoes needed, but the socks for in your boots you need to bring yourself. Price depends on quality.


Hat and Sunglasses (10 and 20 soles)

During piranha fishing you will be in the sun for hours, so bring to protect yourself from sun sting. Fake items at Belen Market.



Just so you know, totally against instinct you will be entering the brown water of the amazon. Leave your white items at home.


Flash light (10 soles) + batteries (1,5 soles per pair)

Needed for the night hikes. Accordingly, the ones you can attach to your head are very practical.


Mosquito repellent (15 soles)

Highly necessary for the hikes. The ones especially for clothes are also a great investment.


Toilet paper (1 sol)

We brought our own, but it also did not seem provided


Small back pack

During the activities it’s sometimes nice to carry your essentials with you, like water or mosquito repellent.



We were incredibly grateful we had it to fix holes in our tent, otherwise we would be catching fire ants all night.

Nice to bring

Water bottle

Reason one is that everyone drinks from the same cup (#germs). But more importantly, you want to bring water during the hikes.


Book/offline entertainment

The boat trips (especially on the first & last day) are long, and perfect for reading.


Mummy liner

The silken ones were perfect for at night. Moreover, you can use your provided blanket for comfort.


Power bank

Only in the village you have the possibility to charge.


Tiger balm

Against itchy mosquito bites


Snacks (fruit)

The meals are really sufficient, but you can bring snacks if you have certain cravings. An extra bag of bananas was great.


Flip flops that can get wet

Such that you do not always have to wear your boots.



Not only to possibly buy jewelry, but also for a generous tip.

Can leave at home

Tights/revealing clothes

Out of protection for insects you will not want to wear them.


Hiking shoes

You will only be wearing rubber boots.

Classic green or awesome yellow.
Classic green or awesome yellow.

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