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Cheers!!! You have been accepted for a student exchange at a university in Lima, congrats on that. You made the right decision selecting this capital as your exchange destination. I had the same opportunity for my autumn semester 2018. Accordingly, I lived in Lima from July to December of that year. It has been the best time of my student life: you have quite some good times to come.

When you just arrive though, the city might feel overwhelming, I mean it has 12 million inhabitants. You might even dislike the city in the beginning (me, July 2018: “Nope, I gave it a chance, but I hate Lima”). However, Lima is one of those cities you need to get to know before you can see its charm. 

And now, 6 months later, me “the Lima-hater”, left the city with tears in my eyes. I love Lima. There is so much to do, so much to see and SO MUCH TO EAT. But this process of feeling lost and finding out, it’s a pity of your time. So that is where Travelswellspent comes in! On this page, I will share everything I know with you to make your student life in lima great from the start! 

A LOT more content is on its way, so stay tuned!

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