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When you read this you might be considering a student exchange in Lima, Peru, or you might already have heard you are accepted. In the latter case, congratulations!! You will have the best semester ever, Lima is the perfect place for a student exchange program (read here why)! I had the same opportunity for my autumn semester 2018 and accordingly, I lived in Lima from July to December of that year and loved it.

A student Exchange in Lima/Peru

When you first arrive in Lima, the capital might be a bit overwhelming (and if you arrive in summer, very grey). Lima is certainly one of those cities you need to get to know before you can see its charm. But I promise you, you will have an awesome time as an exchange student in Lima/Peru. There is so much to do: you can learn to surf or dance the night away. You can learn Spanish and travel the country.

To make your student exchange in Lima/Peru great from the beginning, I decided to write down my experiences.  This page is dedicated to everything you need to know as an international student in Lima. From preparations for your Erasmus experience to things that you can do when you are here.

Lima Student Exchange Semester 2018 Fall

Live in Lima and Travel Peru

But we wrote a lot more! So, if you want to read more about living in Lima, where to get your water or vintage clothes and how the bus system works, our Lima Lifestyle page is the place to be. When you are ready to leave Lima and travel Peru, this page will give you all the travel inspiration you need. Hike the Salkantay, visit Machu Picchu (don’t forget your student card!!) or sail the Amazon by Cargo boat.  

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Prepare for your exchange

Do during your Exchange

More Questions?

I remember I had a ton of questions before I left for my semester abroad in Lima… You too? No worries, we are happy to help: just send us a message or send us a pm on Instagram. Also, stay tuned, because a lot more posts are coming soon, like a packing list, tips for your first days and information about courses.