Secondhand clothes Lima

Three hidden gems for vintage and secondhand clothes in Lima

When I arrived in Lima, a “Tienda de Ropa Segunda Mano Lima” (aka secondhand clothes store Lima) was one of the first things I tried to find. Joe and I love secondhand clothes as it is a cheap and conscious option, and often you find incredible items. Unfortunately, no matter what I googled, I could not find good stores.

However, as with many places in Lima, you just need to go explore. And, I have amazing news, because, after months of living in Lima, I found a few stores that I am sure you will love! I added links to google maps, so you can easily find them too. Las Traperas you might have heard about, but I am certain the other two will be a surprise. 

Lima might not be the cheapest to score your secondhandies, but I am really happy with the pieces I found. Hopefully, you find some treasures too!

Best stores for Secondhand clothes in Lima

There we go, my three favorite stores for vintage and secondhand clothes in Lima. Clicking on the neighborhood takes you immediately to Google Maps. Moreover, you can check out their Instagram feed to see if it’s your style. Underneath, I’ll tell you more about them.

  • Al Peso Shop (Miraflores, Lima) – vintage Clothes – open every day 11 am – 21 pm – Vintage Paradise 
  • Nameless store (Lince, Lima) – secondhand clothes and Vintage –
    Aim for afternoons – Very local
  • Las Traperas (Barranco, Lima) – secondhand clothes – @lastraperasperu –
    Mon-Fri 4 pm – 8 pm & Sat 11 am – 8 pm – Pay for 50% by old clothes 
Lastly, we translate and share some tips as provided by @criesincuencha
Second hand clothes Lima

Al Peso Shop, Vintage paradise in Miraflores

Although this tiny secondhand store is right in the heart of Miraflores, not many people know how to find it. It’s very well hidden and was an accidental encounter. The name of this Lima vintage clothing store is “Al Peso” which means “to the weight” literally translated to English. And that is exactly the concept they use: you pay per kilo. Each piece of clothing has one out of four colors, indicating the price per kilogram. Prices lay around 18 soles ($6) for shirts and blouses and between 45-65  soles ($14-20) for jackets. 

As said before, it is a small store and all their clothes fit into this certain vintage style. The number of items is limited, but what they have is good quality. I bought this amazing secondhand knitted shirt for $10, it’s one of my favorites now. They have a very beautiful Instagram feed that is worth checking out: The store itself features the same color palette, including a huge chandelier and a really good playlist (it’s in the details no?)

TIP: they post their new items in their Instagram story. 

Finding Al Peso Shop

However, I do not call this place a “hidden” gem for no reason. It is legit hard to find.  In Lima you have these little shopping malls on the base floor of high buildings, and this is an example. So make your way to Kennedy Park and enter via Calle Porta or Pje Porta (next to Oechsle). The store is in the middle of the building. This is the Google Maps link. They are open every day from 11 am to 21 pm. 

Square Al Peso Shop Vintage Miraflores
The square at Oechsle, enter at the green poles

Coffee and Food around Al Peso Shop

As Al Peso is right in the middle of Miraflores, this also means there is a big offering of amazing restaurants in Miraflores right near you! We wrote an article with our favorite restaurants in Miraflores for you with a distinction between coffee/breakfast/lunch and dinner 🙂 Perfect for a break during your secondhand shopping session, so check it out here!

Shop without a name, secondhand clothes in Lince

No wonder I could not find this secondhand store on Google: it does not actually exist according to the internet. I stumbled across it by accident (during my search for Halloween eye contacts, lol) and I was so happy I did! This is the location.

It’s unorganized, clothes and shoes everywhere.  I loved how Peruvian it felt, as it is super local and I do not think they had ever seen a tourist in their store. Known and unknown brands are mixed and there is so much. If you like big brands, I found (vintage) items of Nike, Under Armor, Calvin Klein, and Levis, just to name a few. These brands are slightly more expensive, but the clothes are clean and really in great condition. I still regret not buying that dress from Calvin Klein for $21…

From just being in the store for 20 minutes, I could really observe how careful the owners were with their clothes, all were carefully hung with small safety pins for instance. I ended up buying a vintage looking Under Armor sweater for 50 soles ($15) and I have worn it too much already. YOU NEED TO GO HERE

Finding the store

So how to get to this very Peruvian secondhand clothing store? If you are studying at Universidad del Pacifíco, it’s easy. From the gas station at Av. Gral. Salaverry busses through Avenue César Canevaro leave all the time and the store is in a side street. Get off at BBVA and walk for 5 minutes. It is so local, that they don’t have a website or social media. Accordingly, opening times are a bit of a gamble. Go in the afternoon, that’s a safe bet. 

TIP: while you are in the neighborhood, have a stop at la Delice. Such a sweet, little coffee place. I really liked the atmosphere inside. You will have to ignore the sound of “Avenue César”, but the contrast is actually quite enjoyable (the tranquility inside vs the rush hour in the street)

A coffee at La Delice after your secondhand shoppings

Las Traperas, paying with clothes in Barranco

This is the only store we found on the internet during our initial search, and it really deserves mentioning too. It is one of the better-known places to get secondhand clothes in Lima and you find it in the popular neighborhood of Barranco. Their offering is huge, yet a little more pricy. However, while reading up about them, I got more excited: they do this cool thing that you can pay for 50% of your amount by your own old clothes. The philosophy: there is enough stuff on the world and we do not need to produce more. WE LOVE THAT!

About the store, there are multiple rooms with secondhand clothes and the pieces are ordered on size. The second time we went, they opened up the biggest room as well. There was literally too much to go through it all. You can find beautiful items. They do have an Instagram you can check out to see if it is your style (@lastraperasperu). It does feel a little less local than Al Peso Shop and the Lince store, but they make well up for that with their ideology and clothes exchange!

Another nice feature is that the secondhand store is attached to this organic food store and coffee bar. They have literally all the products your inner-foody could wish for, from almond flour to vegan chocolate ice cream. So, while you are looking for your secondhand clothes, you can do your healthy food shopping too. 

Finding Las Traperas

The connection to the organic food store also makes that Las Traperas is actually quite easy to miss, éven when you selected the right street because there are no signs on the outside. You literally have to walk through the store to find the secondhand clothes. Note, the door to the clothes parts is only open from Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm and on Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm. 

More secondhand clothing stores in Lima

Lastly, during the research for this post, we stumbled across this video from @Criesincuenchua. It’s all in Spanish, but she goes over some cheap(er) places to buy secondhand clothes in Lima. Full credits to her for making this! In case your Spanish is not so good, this is a summary of what she shows: 

A little note, we did not have a chance to visit these places ourselves. Cercado de Lima is not a very safe neighborhood. So if you go, it could be smart to bring a local!


My advice, just wander around! Lima is huge and there is so much to discover. Just walk into one of those small shopping malls and have a look. That is how I found the store in Lince and Al Peso Shop. If you find a new one, please let us know below, so other people can go there too. We totally agree with Las Traperas, there is already enough clothes on the planet, so let’s buy secondhand as much as we can 🙂

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