Cheap Alcohol in Lima – Where to buy

This is where you buy your sixpacks of beer for 10 soles

We all come to Lima to study or work very, very hard… But por supuesto you will not be able to escape the Lima nightlife, as there is too much to do. Prices in the clubs are quite high for Peruvian standards, say 15 soles for a beer or 25 soles for a cocktail. Accordingly, you will be pre-drinking, and this is how and where to get your alcohol cheap in Lima.

Disclaimer, use this information responsibly 😉 Or as they would say in Peru “Tomar Bedidas Alcohólicas en exceso es daniño.”

Tambo budget deals

One cannot talk about cheap alcohol in Lima without an honorable mentioning of Tambo. This chain store knows exactly what you want: A bottle of Strong liquor, a soft drink to mix it with and ice to keep it cold. Preferably for a cheap price. And that is what they offer. For as little as 25 soles you can, for instance, get a bottle of vodka, a bottle of Peruvian Fanta and ice cubes. They have like 12 different varieties for different prices, so chose your favorite. 

Tambo: Lima's cheap alcohol Giant

Tambo Alcohol Deals Lima Peru Cheap Alcohol

Vodka and Rum

In case you prefer to choose your own soft drink for the mix, you can head to the normal supermarket or bodega. If you want to stay fit while drinking, maybe the “skinny bitch” is something for you. It’s just vodka with sparkling water and it might sound gross, but it’s really quite nice. For some reason, vodka and rum are really cheap in Peru and you can, for instance, buy a bottle of Smirnoff for 24 soles at Plaza Vea, Vivanda and Justo (in the Netherlands you easily pay 80 soles for the exact same bottle). 

Smirnoff Cheap Vodka Lima

Boxed wine/sangria

Want to feel sophisticated tonight? Maybe consider red wine. According to my French contacts, the red wines in the supermarket are quite expensive and not great. However, we found a loophole in the system: the boxed wines. Especially Gato is really quite tasty! In the supermarket, in Lima, it’s about 19 soles, in the cities outside of Lima they are at times as cheap as 13,50 soles for a liter. The 11 soles sangrias are a great bargain too. 

Gato Cheap Wine Lima

Beer = Koperwiek

I almost had to cry a little when I found out about this one actually: I have been wasting money for months. Whereas you can buy some tasty Cusqueña (I love the Negra and Trigo variety) for about 16 soles, there is one brand that shocks us all. Koperwiek sells its six-packs for as little as 10,90 soles at Plaza Vea and Vivanda, and even for 9,90 at Justo. $3 for a six-pack: this is the hidden gem of the adult drinks!

Want good and cheap beer in Lima? Buy Koperwiek

Koperwiek Cheap Beer Alcohol Lima

Lima’s cheap alcohol summarized

So, how much money have you been throwing away so far? Well, hopefully, no more after reading this post. Let’s summarize the best places for cheap alcohol in Lima one last time. For the best combi deals, go to Tambo. However, head to Vivanda, Plaza Vea or Justo for your best value wines, beers, and liquors. 

Lastly, after an amazing pre-drink, it is time to head into town! Fortunately, together with our Peruvian friends, we were able to write down our Lima nightlife itinerary. Hope it helps you!

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