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Everything you need to impress during Halloween in Lima

Whereas Halloween might be one of those holidays that simply passes by in your own country, when on exchange Halloween is a thíng (I guess because exchange students welcome every opportunity to have a party with open arms) Anyways, when it comes to dress up parties, I am a little extra. Accordingly, I spent hours and hours researching where to buy everything you need for a kick-ass outfit. This posts tells you where to buy your Halloween outfit in lima from contact lenses to face paint

Where to buy Halloween outfit
Different spots to get your Halloween outfits

Face and hair paint

You could of course use regular crafting paint on your face (go to any Tai Loy store), but I can only image how bad that is for your skin. Fortunately, around this time of the year all kind of bodegas (small stores) turn in to true Halloween stores.  Shop 2 and 3 sell face paint (6-10 soles per color) and hair paint (20-25 soles per color). We ended up buying a set of 6 colors for 30 soles at shop 3. The quality is pretty good. To apply it, we cut up a dish wash sponge from Wong (4 soles) and as painting pencils are really expensive, a make-up brush had to do to apply the finer lines. 

Eye contacts

These are incredibly difficult to find and incredibly expensive when found: 100 soles/$30 per pair. To give an indication, in the Netherlands you buy them for 40 soles. Might you still want to buy them in Lima, you can in Lince. This street has only opticians, most sell colored eye contacts but these are supposed to look natural.  However, two or three sell the Halloween contacts. Prices vary a lot from 100-150 soles, so ask around. 

TIP: want to rock your costume? Be prepared and bring eye contacts from home.

Halloween lenses Lima
Calle de opticas Lince
Fake Eye contacts Halloween Lima
Found them: fake contacts in Lima

The costume

For DIY outfits that need basics underneath, head to Forever 21. A white, basic tank top costs only 10 soles there. The bodegas discussed earlier sell a wide variety of disfraces (costumes). You can also rent costumes at shop 1. Like this a friend fixed a Joker outfit for 90 soles for the night with a deposit of 100 soles. 

TIP: Want to go as a mummy, bandages are only 1,90 soles at Inkafarma.

Hope this was helpful! Have a scary Halloween! 

Halloween Party UP Lima Sexy Mummy

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