Where to eat in Mancora

The best places to eat in Mancora, these are our favorites!

Always our favorite section to write about, as we love food and coffee. Especially in Máncora, as they have some really nice places to try out. After two full weeks of enjoying the Mancora beach life, we can tell you where to eat in Mancora: where to get your fruit shakes and where to eat the best ceviche in town. Ready for your portion of coffee and waffles? These are the best places!

TIP: you go surfing in Huanchaco afterward, this post tells you where to eat in that surf town. 

Green Eggs and Ham – Best Breakfast with a view

This is our ABSOLUTE favorite for breakfast. Located directly at the beach behind the surf schools, the view from their balcony is out of this world (possibly the best photo to make your friends jealous). They do really good breakfasts, say omelets and sandwiches. Their waffles deserve a special mentioning. They are delicious and only cost 8 soles.

If you add 4 soles though you get waffles ánd you get to pick one side dish and I highly recommend the fruit salad. The coffee here is good, fresh and cheap (4 soles, including a refill if you are lucky)! They don’t do cappuccino though. Important: don’t forget to look at their smoothie menu. The basic smoothies are only 5 soles and are called after a mustache. We loved “the English” (pineapple and orange) and “the Andina” (coconut, mango, and milk). If you are willing to add 10 soles, you get a milkshake with alcohol included. A good way to start your day with a bit of rum, no? Joe thought so at least…

For around 20 soles you have a pretty amazing breakfast here with the best view in Mancora. They do great lunch menus too btw. Click here for the location.

Bananas café – Good, Budget Breakfast

If you still want a great breakfast but are on a slightly tight budget, this place is perfect. They do really good ‘deals’. Take for instance the “bananas” breakfast set, where you get a fruit shake, coffee or tea, some bread, tomato, cheese, avocado ánd a yogurt with fruit for only 15 soles in total. They have many more deals for 10-15 soles. The layout is also quite cozy: blackboards with food named in bright colors everywhere. You look out on the main street, not so quiet but a nice vibe. Click here for the location.

Breakfast Bananas Cafe mancora
Amazing 15 soles Breakfast Deal

Kiba – Best Menu Dinner in Town

This place possibly serves the best menu deal that we have had in our entire time in Peru. For 15 soles you get a starter, main and a juice of the day. Starters are fairly basic (but delicious) like ceviche, garlic bread, and papa huancaina.

The real magic happens at the main, where they really diverge from the basic menus. One option was for instance fish served on a bed of humous with grilled vegetables and fried yucca. The risotto made from quinoa served with scrimps or the crispy teriyaki filet were mouthwatering too. Click here for the location.

TIP: ask them to add rum to your juice of the day! We made it up on the spot, but it costs 5 or 10 soles depending on how much you want to add. 

Kiba best Menu Dinner
Crazy Delicious Chicken Teriyaki

Black sheep – Vegan food in Mancora

Where to eat vegan in Mancora? Well, this is definitely the cheapest and best place to get your vegetarian hamburgers. Actually, the vegetarian options in this café are better than the ones with meat. The place is cozy, and you can sit inside. They serve good coffee (cappuccino too!) and juices and do good deals.

Moreover, they also make sandwiches to bring, which is perfect for a picnic lunch in case you are going to walk to Las Pocitas, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mancora. A disadvantage is, however, that they are not really good at serving food all at the same time, so you might not be eating simultaneously. Click here for the location.

eat Vegan Chalk boards and bar Black sheep Mancora
Vegan choices, check!

Coral café – For all your sweet Cravings

All your sweet cravings will be satisfied here. Cheesecakes, chocolate cake, brownies, pie the Limon! Try the Oreo and maracuja cheesecakes, they are only 6 soles. They have some benches, so you can sit while you enjoy your treat. Click here for the location.

TIP: For three soles you can add ice cream as well. 

Best Mancora Cake Coral Cafe
Dilemma tuesday: Oreo or Maracuja

Cesar – Best ceviche in Mancora

This place was recommended by the surf schools and a local gem. It is a bit outside of the center of Máncora, so you will be walking past the market and into a dusty road. However, they do serve some of the best ceviches we have tried. The prices are slightly higher, 35-40 soles per plate, but the dishes are really tasty. Try the Chevice Mixta! They serve the typical sauce (leche de tigre) separate here, so you can decide yourself how much you want to add. The seafood is incredibly fresh. Click here for the location.

TIP: When you go around 3 there is no one there and you have the whole restaurant to yourself.

The food stands/beach food

If you are willing to take the risk, there is a rich variety of cheap food to be found on the street and beach in Máncora. You can buy a hamburger for 5 soles on the main square, or for even less at the beach. While you are tanning, multiple vendors will walk by offering you all kind of delights, varying from empanadas to churros, from fresh fruit to chocolate truffles. All cost around 1 or 2 soles, so there is no harm in trying right? 

Small warning: whereas we did not get ill from the beach food, some of our friends did. So, if food is a bit too risky for you, you can always drink cocktails on the beach. During happy hour you get a cocktail (Mojito) for 10 soles per piece. Perfect for you Mancora sunset!

Mancora beach surf chairs parasols

Preparing your own meal

In case you want to cook yourself or just want to buy some healthy snacks, you should definitely go to the Mercado Municipal in Mancora. It’s only a 5-10 minute walk from the town center along the big road (it’s very close to Cesar!) and it’s open every day from 6 am till 5 pm. In the middle part, you find all the vegetables and fruit you need, while on the sides you find your other ingredients like pasta, lentils, tomato sauce, meat, and eggs. 

Our hostel, Casa Nomade, had a little kitchen we could use and we really loved cooking in Mancora. With limited kitchen supplies, you can easily prepare healthy salads and pasta dishes. Delicious and cheap of course, which allowed us to save money for more surf lessons


Mancora has many great places to eat. Of the many restaurants, these are our favorites when it comes to where to eat in Mancora. Eat a waffle at Green Eggs and Ham, try ceviche at Cesar and get cheap breakfasts at Bananas. Enjoy budget menus at Kiba, vegan food at Black Sheep and sweet desserts at Coral Café. For the DIY’ers you can always eat at the beach or cook yourself a healthy meal. 

Now that you satisfied your need for dinner, there is still a long evening to come 🙂 We wrote an article on the nightlife in Mancora as well! Want to read more, we wrote a lot more on the little beach town in northern Peru!

What is your favorite? Let us know below!

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