Best places to eat in Miraflores – Lima, on a budget!

A list of the best places to have coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner

If people ask me what I loved the most about Lima, the answer must be the food. Because really, there are so many great places to eat in the Peruvian capital. However, where should you go out to eat when you are visiting Lima for a few days? Fortunately, that is where we come in: in this set of articles, we like to share our favorite restaurants in Lima. We will treat them by neighborhood because there are simply too many restaurants and Cafes to recommend. As  Miraflores is the most popular neighborhood in Lima, we will start there. So stay tuned, because these are the best places to eat in Miraflores!

Best restaurants and cafes to eat in Miraflores

Firstly, a little more about eating in the Miraflores neighborhood: it is one of the safer, more modern neighborhoods in Lima and right at the famous cliffs and the Malecon. Accordingly, this is where the tourists go, and the expats live resulting in a big availability of restaurants and cuisines. Accordingly, the offering ranges from traditional Peruvian dishes and like ceviche, the classical lomo saltado and sandwiches chicharron to sushi and pizza… Even better: it’s all equally delicious. Furthermore, Lima is becoming more modern and great coffee places, vegan restaurants and new food concepts like Mercado 28 keep popping up.

Although prices are slightly higher in this part of Lima, it is still cheaper to eat in Miraflores than most countries in the world. For 15 dollars you have an AMAZING meal. I am super excited I lived near Kennedy park for 4 months, which (unfortunately for my budget) caused me to hang out in coffee bars and restaurants a little too often. But hey, it was so worth it and now I can tell you exactly where to satisfy your food cravings while visiting Lima! 

TIP: So I really loved living in Miraflores 🙂 Are you looking for housing in Lima? This article could help you chose your perfect neighborhood to live in Lima.

Malecon Barranco

In the remainder of this post, I will give you my favorite restaurants in Lima categorized by the moment of the day: namely where to eat in Miraflores for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Are you actually only looking for one type of meal, in particular, use the menu below to go to your meal, and therefore the restaurants in Miraflores we recommend, directly. Note, however, most restaurants are open all day 🙂 So, it might be worth skimming the whole list!

Where to eat in Miraflores:

The restaurants in Miraflores:

For each of our favorite Miraflores restaurants and cafes, we will tell you the price compared to other restaurants in the category, location, and speciality. Moreover, we will provide the TripAdvisor score (with a link) and whether it is vegetarian-friendly too 🙂 

Lastly, a personal touch… I visited many of these places with friends or because friends recommended them to me. And under the philosophy “credits to who deserves them”, I’ll let you know whos “FAVE” it was (thank you guys). 

Best breakfast and coffee cafes in Miraflores

Firstly, a good breakfast and coffee with a snack you can get at many, many places around Lima. Accordingly, a section on where to eat in Miraflores needs to include the coffee section as well. In general, prices are quite similar: for cappuccino or a piece of cake both you pay around 8 soles ($2,40). Therefore, with respect to expenses, this price range will be classified $$, while cheaper gets $ and a little more expensive $$$. Fortunately, all restaurants have their own unique atmosphere and specialties, so let’s start.

El Pan De La Chola – homemade bakery and coffee (NANNA'S FAVE)

Food Miraflores Sandwich Avocado Lunch

A little further away from the center of Miraflores, but it is definitely the best place to get breakfast in Miraflores. Because the sandwiches are prepared with their freshly baked bread, they taste even better. Moreover, they serve homemade granola and other cake and pastries. Also, the coffee is fresh and the cappuccino simply amazing. While they are slightly pricier, we would say it is worth it and a must-visit in Miraflores.

TIP: The avocado toast was incredible 

​Fruta Fit – Fresh smoothies!

Fruta fit Breakfast Miraflores

Right underneath my boxing school (Fight and Fitness, recommended!!!) you find the second cafe of this list: Fruta Fit. And really, I was happy that I only found out in my last week’s training there or I would have been visiting every day. For $2.60 (9 soles) you get to choose your own, huge smoothie with three types of fruit from the menu. However, they let you make combinations yourself as well and the smoothies are freshly prepared right in front of you.

Besides smoothies, they serve breakfast too: you can order a la carte for around $3 a plate and sandwiches for only $2! However, they also offer breakfast deals, like pancakes with a cup of coffee for $3.25 and Avena for $1.6 (we were not a fan of the acai bowl). Although the meals are fairly basic and on the small side, they are a good value for money and made on the spot. Accordingly, we would conclude it to be a cheap but good eat in Miraflores 🙂

Kul Café – German vibes

Coffee Kul Cafe German Calle Berlin

Next, we have Kul Cafe and there are German influences all over in this little café close to Calle Berlin: German beers, apfelstrudel and kässekuche for around 2$. Because of the sofas, this is also a good place to relax with a book with good coffee or with a lunch including a drink for around 4$. As the sandwiches were not the best we had in Lima (fairly basic), we recommend staying on the sweet side of the menu (THE CAKE IS GREAT). Lastly, they also have some tables outside, which is quite special for Lima. 

TIP: when you order a cup of tea you get a teapot that will last you many cups: great for sharing and maximizing your stay.

Coffee Time Espresso Bar – Authentic Peruvian coffee (MORITZ' FAVE)

Then this little bar in the heart of Miraflores: it might be super tiny, but the coffee (and iced coffee for $2) are incredible at Coffee Time in Miraflores. Subsequently, this is where locals get their shot of caffeine before going to work. Foodwise, they have a variety of homemade empanadas. Because of the kind owner and the good atmosphere,  we really enjoyed sipping our iced coffee on their terrace (thank you, Moritz, for the recommendation!)

Agora/Librería La Familia – Books & Coffee at Kennedy Park

Agora Libreria Familia book store coffee

While librería just means bookshop in Spanish, this is a special one. Located right next to Kennedy park, this bookshop also features a café where you can get great coffee (and cakes) and it is incredible how the atmosphere inside is quiet and a bit jazzy, while outside the busy Miraflores city life continues. If you are in for a sweet snack on the side, we would like to warn you that their cakes are ridiculously good. 

Kaldi's Coffee & Tea – Italian specialty vibes

cafe Kaldi Lima Coffee Specialty Italian

Lastly, we would like to present Kaldi Cafe. Are you done with your run/walk at the Malecon and up for some coffee and something sweet? then this café close to Park del Amor could give an Italian vibe to your morning coffee. While offering more sweets than you could try, they use different brewing techniques on request. Okay, I am not an expert and a freshly made cappuccino already makes me smile but there they do V60’s, AeroPress, Italian Mokas, etc too!

TIP: Are you a real specialty coffee lover, then cafe Kaldi is your place to get your coffee in Miraflores. 

Best lunch restaurants in Miraflores

Finally, it is time to move on to the lunch section… And we are excited to present our findings because we found the best fish restaurant in Miraflores ever (at a place you would probably not search for it) and found you a 15 soles healthy lunch menu. Of course, at many of the restaurants in Miraflores that we propose here you could also eat your breakfast or your dinner, but considering their opening times and offerings we would put them in the lunch section anyway. 

Don Cevichero at Surquillo Market – Fish with the locals (DAD'S FAVE)

Firstly, for a truly local experience, you should head to Mercado municipal Surquillo, just outside of Miraflores (walking north for 5-10 minutes from Kennedy Park). Not only you can buy very cheap vegetables and nuts at this market, but it is also the home to many food stalls and small fish restaurants in Miraflores. When you enter the green building which has an oval shape inside, go to the area with the small restaurants.  Whereas there are very many options, we loved Don Cevichero the most. 

This restaurant is mainly a bar that has people sitting on both sides and the hustling and bustling of the market around you, the many Lima locals and musicians playing while you eat the best price-quality seafood make for an awesome experience. My dad and I ordered Parrilla de Mariscos and were stunned: this truly was one of the best things we had eaten in Peru. Especially as the dish costs only 40 soles and is easily sufficient for two people to share: $11 dollars, a full plate of fish, octopus, shells…. Accordingly, our minds were blown and we went back the next day. 

Note, however, that the market closes down at 6 pm, and therefore these restaurants close at the same time. Subsequently, during lunchtime especially this is the very best place to eat in Miraflores. Concluding, a few days in Lima is not complete without lunch at this market.

TIP: combine this lunch trip with a visit to the Inca Market, because it’ on the other side of the “highway”. 

El Jardín de Jazmin – Delicious, vegan lunch menu (BIBI's FAVE)

Jardin Jazmin Vegan Restaurant Lunch Miraflores

Are you, on the contrary, looking for a cheap but delicious lunch menu deal*? At El Jardín de Jazmin you can get a really good vegan lunch menu deal: a starter, main and lemonade for around $4,50. It is a nice healthy break to your day! In general, the starter is a salad and the main rice or pasta. Although tasty, the portions are not huge but we did feel satisfied even after surfing for 2 hours 🙂 We recommend this place for lunch specifically, because, at night, they only serve a la carte for around $8 per the main dish and then you have other restaurants to eat at. 

Ps. Do you love the wall paintings on their patio too?


When we say “Menu” we mean the “Menu del dia” or menu of the day in English. In Lima, this is very customary: you pay a fixed price for a starter, main and a soft drink. The price varies a lot per neighborhood and even the city of Peru you are in: the menu of the day in small villages can be as cheap as 6 soles ($1.7!?). In Lima you mostly find menus in the more local neighborhoods. However, there are some places (like Jardin de Jazmin) that offer them as well. Fortunately, because lunch menus are the best value way to eat in Miraflores.

Tarboush – best falafel, donner and hummus in Lima (JOE'S FAVE)

Tarboush Falafel Houmous Vegan Lima

Bordering on Kennedy park, this next restaurant is not meant to be very atmospheric or romantic. However, Tarboush makes well up for that with the delicious Turkish food: the hummus platter, for instance, (see photo) was incredible. Joe especially loved the lamb donner plate though and in one dinner this became his favorite restaurant. Furthermore, the price-quality you get here (around $8 for starters or mains) is really good for this location at Kennedy Park, especially for dinner.

TIP: This place is awesome for a low budget dinner too!

La Nevera Fit Café Miraflores – Guilty pleasure pancake

Having a less healthy day and do you want a sweet lunch, then this café creates the craziest pancakes and waffles for you. Nevera is slightly more expensive at around 8$ for a meal, but fortunately, the waffles and pancakes the cheaper picks ($4.5 😏) and then you are allowed to choose your own toppings, fruits, nuts, and sauces. You will be ultimately filled up after finishing this bad boy and they have good coffee too. Although some people had bad experiences in the past with the service (see TripAdvisor), we were lucky not to have a bad experience at all. Just make sure you grab the menu yourself at the counter and order there as well: it’s almost a bit like Starbucks that they call your name when your food is ready. 

La Lucha – Great, fast sandwiches (BRUNO'S FAVE)

Missing out on the La Lucha chain of restaurants will almost be a challenge: it is such a popular concept in Lima, you find 3 restaurants to eat in Miraflores alone. Their specialty is big sandwiches with different varieties of meat for around $4.50 and the one you should not miss is the “Chicharrón” as my exchange buddy Bruno explained to me. When you order at the counter, you are offered a seat afterward by one of the SUPER kind employees. Moreover, the tasty sandwiches (which are cut in twos, perfect for sharing) are served until late at night (12 pm/1am). 

Be aware though that it is more a fast-food type of meal, yet a good one. Further, it is possible to order smoothies to go with your sandwich for around $3 as well. Unfortunately, you can better skip might you be vegetarian: there is literally no vegetarian option except for fries.

Beso Francés Crepería – Pancakes with a view

Last in our lunch section is Beso Francés Crepería. Do they have the best pancakes in town? Probably not (Nevera does), but they do definitely have one of the best views in Lima: they are located right on the cliffs near park del Amor and have a view over Makaha, the beach in Lima where you can learn to surf. If you are lucky you can get a seat at the edge. While the pancakes come in sweet and savory the 0pinions differ on their taste: I really liked them, but my French friends did not (maybe they are picky?). Anyway, it is worth the view!!!

TIP: Also in the evenings with the sunset, this an amazing place to be.

Best restaurants for dinner in Miraflores

Lastly, dinner in Miraflores – there are so many options! This is probably also the reason why people tell you to stay in Lima for a few days because there is too much food to taste: seafood, Mexican, traditional Peruvian and more… With an eye on low budget restaurants to eat in Miraflores, we try to stay under $15 a meal including drinks (these get $$, cheaper gets $ and more expensive $$$) 🙂 However, we also give two slightly more expensive restaurants because these allow for big groups. Which is your favorite?

El Mexicano – Unlimited Mexican food (MY FAVE)

Mexican Dinner Miraflores

Everyone loves unlimited food, right? Many people love Mexican food too. So, unlimited Mexican is a golden combination. At this small restaurant in Miraflores north of Kennedy Park, you can eat as much Mexican dishes as you want for 45 soles ($13.50). This includes pretty much all the food on the menu and unlimited amounts of the specialty sweet lemonade drink (they do not serve alcohol). 

Do not be disappointed when you finish your meal and you only ordered 2 dishes: it might seem like you did not get a good deal, but the portions are much bigger if you have the unlimited deal. If you, for example, order tacos a la carte for 10 soles, you get one taco, while if you order the same taco dish under the unlimited deal, you receive 3!

The food is super tasty and really worth the money. Accordingly, it is always super busy, and it is better to be a bit early to prevent waiting in line. Tables are small, so you can sit together with maximally 4 people. When you come with 2 people, you could skip the line and share a table with another pair that is already eating (tell the waiters you are open for sharing: “queremos compartir una mesa”). Note, you might also be accompanied by 2 strangers during your meal as well 🙂 Unfortunately, people not knowing about the sharing caused the lower TripAdvisor score. 

TIP: Order the chicken quesadillas as a starter, they are the best.

Tarboush – Best Turkish​ restaurant at Kennedy Park  

Tarboush Falafel Houmous Vegan Lima

Okay, okay, maybe a bit cheeky to give you this restaurant twice, but we really do not want you to miss out on it when eating in Miraflores! One starter and one main are MORE than enough for two people. And with a main for $8, this makes Tarboush one of the budget options at night in Miraflores. In the evenings it is quite busy though, so not the best place for big groups. However, there are vegan/vegetarian options too (love falafel) so some something nice for everyone.

El bodegon – Traditional Peruvian, grandma style (EVITA'S FAVE)

At El bodegon they serve the typical Peruvian food the way your Peruvian grandma would make it (if you had one). The old decorations on the wood-paneled walls really give it a homely and cozy feeling and the food is mouthwateringly tasty. My very, very favorite dish here is “Arroz con Chanco a la Antigua”, the tastiest fried rice with different types of meat you will ever taste finished with a mixture of onion, avocado, and radices on top.

Moreover, the “Ravioles en salsa de ossobuco” (ravioli in beef sauce) is a very safe, but delicious option too and for vegetarians “Locro de tres Zapallos” (a mild curry with rice) is a great pick. Although I believe every single plate this restaurant serves is delicious, I need to warn you: it is not unheard of to cook with organs in Peru. So, launch your SpanishDict app (my most preferred dictionary!) to prevent yourself from having a cow tongue (lengua) on your plate. 

This is my second favorite restaurant in Lima, so please go in my stead.

Ohashi Maki – Unlimited Sushi in the heart of Miraflores!

Ohashi Maki Unlimited Sushi Lima

More unlimited food, but now Sushi! Before going to Peru, we actually had no idea that sushi was such a big thing in Lima but there are many places to eat the Makis. fortunately we stumbled across Ohashi by accident because went back several times. It is not the traditional sushi place with nice decorations, but the sushi is good, there is a lot of space (so PERFECT for BIG groups!) and it is super cheap compared to other places to eat in Miraflores specializing in sushi.

You pay $12 for unlimited sushi including soft drinks (passion fruit juice or lemonade) and these are not only the basic california rolls! No, there are so many special makis to be tried, it is so much fun! But one warning: they use a lot of cream cheese in Lima’s Sushi! Lastly, you can order the soups on the menu as well, as can you order ice-cream sushi for dessert (which is super tasty too). 

Mercado 28 – Urban, modern food market

Mercado 28 Miraflores Lima Hamburger Dinner

A new venue based on the trendy food halls concept. You walk up the stairs and enter a kind of fair where every restaurant has their own little food stall. Next, in the middle, you find a bar and tables where you can order drinks and sit and eat with your friends. The best part is that everyone can order the food they prefer, ranging from sushi and ceviche to noodles, hamburgers and grilled chicken, and still eat together. Even though the prices are slightly higher, but the atmosphere makes up for that which makes it one of the trendiest places to eat in Miraflores. 

Costazul Seafood – Finger licking fish

Everyone who takes the T-line from Miraflores to Universidad del Pacifico (read here why and how you should travel by bus in Lima), will recognize this restaurant: on the outside the walls represent an underwater world and indeed this restaurant is focused on seafood. After months of walking by we had to try it out and really, it was amazing. Their starter mushame de pulpo is incredibly delicious: this combination of olive oil, tomato, avocado and octopus will blow your mind. Then, for a main the fish soup and ceviche are good recommendations. 

Punto Azul – Ceviche with the Lima locals

Punto Azul is a highly popular Ceviche chain in Lima with various restaurants. When you walk past here in the weekends or during lunch you will see how popular it is by observing that there is almost always a waiting line of locals (always a good sign). You can arrange a seat by writing down your name with the receptionist and then wait along side the Lima locals to be seated. Order the Salmon Tartar as a starter and ceviche as a main, for two people this is easily enough for dinner. Moreover, the ceviche you can order Picante as well, which is a nice spicy twist (the prices around 25-30 soles per plate).

Grimanesa Anticucheria - Meat on a stick (JOE'S OTHER FAVE)

What kind of meat? Well, heart on a stick and that might sound a bit gross, but anticuchos are a delicacy in Peru and a must-try for meat lovers. Morevoer, they are very tender, delicious and moreish. When you arrive at this anticuchos restaurant, you decide how many sticks you want (1, 2 or 3) and whether you want cow or chicken (we recommend the original: cow), order and be seated. Each stick costs around $3 and is served with some potato and sauce, which is very limited but it really is only about the meat. However keep in mind that there is no alcohol served in this restaurant and lines can be long. 

Tanta Larcomar - Dinner overlooking the Pacific

lomo saltado tanta larcomar

Tanta is another chain that you will find at various locations in Lima and other cities in Peru. Here you can eat traditional Peruvian Dishes, but they also have a wide variety of salads. Their Lomo Saltado is one of the best you will find in Peru and Tanta is also known for their wide assortment of desserts, which they will present to you on a big serving plate at your table. I am impressed if you are able to persist the temptation. 

Tanta is a bit pricier (around 13$+ per main and $4 for a dessert), but an awesome feature that makes up for that is the location… This Tanta is located in the shopping center Larcomar and features a view over the ocean. Lastly, it’s a large restaurant, so it’s possible to dine with a big group.

TIP: go for dinner at Tanta around sunset to enjoy the view during your meal.

Amore – Pizza break

Amore Restaurant Dinner Italian

When you have been in Peru for a while and you are really craving a break from the Peruvian cuisine (how could you?!), Amore is ready to serve you a good Italian dish. Great pizzas are difficult to find in Lima, but Amore does a good job and a cool feature is that if you order the big pizza, you can choose two types of pizzas: you get half a pizza per type. I must say I found it very, very expensive for what you get (around $17 for a pizza and there are cheaper options with better food), but pizzas, in general, are expensive in Peru and they allow you to make reservations with very big groups.  

Our top picks: this is where you should eat in Miraflores

It was our goal to give you an overview of so many great places to eat in Lima, it would be impossible to try them all and I hope we succeded 🙂 As we understand tastes differ, we wanted to give you enough to chose from. However, if you allow us to give our absolute top this would be it: 


Breakfast in Miraflores:

  • Coffee Time Espresso Bar – (Iced) coffee!
  • Pan de La Chola – Toast with avocado

Lunch in Miraflores:

  • Don Cevichero – Parilla de Mariscos
  • Tarboush – Falafel/houmous plate & Doner

Dinner in Miraflores:

  • El Mexicano – Unlimited Mexican
  • El Bodegon – Traditional Peruvian (Arroz con Chanco a la Antigua)
  • Ohashi Maki – Unlimited Sushi
  • Grimanesa Anticucheria – Anticuchos

We hope this article helps you in finding your perfect meal in Miraflores. Our goal is merely to help as many people as we can in having the best time in Peru possible 🙂 So if you know friends that could use this article, please feel free to share it with them!

Want to read more and are you staying in Lima for a while? We wrote a lot more about the Peruvian Capital 🙂 If you are traveling after this, our travel Peru articles might be useful to you too!

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    Hello from the US! I loved looking back on this, such an accurate blog 😭👏🏽

  2. Kenny

    Not sure how you consider 15 dollars for a meal cheap! I mean this is US prices in a country where the average person will make 500 USD a month! If you look at the cost of these meals in comparison to the wage of the average family they are freaking high! I have been to Vietnam and the Philippines. South east Asia looks much cheaper in comparison. I am headed to Peru for 4 months. I am sure I will have a blast but when I look at these prices from the perspective of a local it’s pretty dang expensive.

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      Hey Kenny, I am very happy that you took the time to react to this article! Sorry for the late reply (I took a break from blogging). I must say, I actually totally agree with what you write. These prices are very unaccesible for the majority of Perus population and I am sorry if I gave the idea that it is any other way. I was, quite frankly, shocked myself that everything was quite expensive, 15 dollars was almost one of the cheapest I could find in Miraflores. Furthermore, I compared everything to the cost back in Europe, which again, does not make 15 dollars cheap. Fortunately, there were plenty of places where you could get a menu del dia for 4 euros 🙂

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